Thracian Cavalry

These figures are sporting a very quick and basic paint job. They only took a couple hours to do with the main focus being on the horse colors. In fact, other than being a possible option for my Later Macedonian FoG army, their main purpose is as test figures for possible horse color triads as I have a number of 28mm mounted figures awaiting pigment. If you want to see some pretty incredible 15mm Thracians, check out this thread.

16 Xyston figures, Litko bases


  1. that is some great looking cav

  2. Excellent! Those horses look especially good, and you have a great mix of colours on the riders. Really nice!

  3. Very nice and your horse colors are really working.


  4. I wish my best ancient cavalry looked half as nice as your 'quick' paint job. Wonderful stuff.


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