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2nd Pennsylvania

Back in late June I had decided to take a brief break from the Hessians to produce a couple American regiments in time for July 4th. One thing led to another and I've just finally finished the second regiment, the 2nd Pennsylvania. Painting this unit in this manner was inspired as always by Giles over at Tarleton's Quarter.
The flag was a minor modification of one offered and designed by Clarence over at Quindia Studios. He releases a new flag every week in what he has termed "Flag Monday"...some great stuff.

I'm not sure where I am at with my painting style. At times I feel like I'm going backwards in quality. I'll continue to experiment and attempt to find my groove, as they say. I'm considering trying a higher contrast style or maybe a speed painting style as I believe both speed and contrast are lacking from my work.

I've been a bit lacking lately in making the rounds to all my favorite blogs out there, but there has been some great content f…

Terrain Mat Roads

I recently received a set of 25/28mm roads from Terrain Mat, however I don't think they currently fit my terrain plans. They cost me 100 USD total with shipping, but I will sell them to somebody in the lower 48 for $80 shipping included.

25mm Road Set
Includes 4x straight.8xBends

Green with cart tracks.

Straight sections are 3 feet long.