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About Bases - Litko & Shogun

A few years ago when searching for movement trays I came across a company I had not heard about, Shogun Miniatures. As I was magnetizing my older kids' fantasy figures' bases the steel movement trays Shogun offered fit the bill perfectly. When my order arrived, they contained a few samples of the "Mag Bases". I was intrigued as they were sturdy, well made, and thin. I had always used Litko for nearly all my basing needs, but these got me thinking. I knew I had a couple of situations where I needed trays and magnetic bases. Namely TFL ACW and AWI SP variants.

Before I get too long winded, a few notes about their movement trays. They have ZERO sharp edges and corners, not even mildly pointy. This was a problem I had way back in the 90's when I experimented with metal bases.They can be made in custom sizes and they are really inexpensive.They can be primed, painted, protected and still hold magnets.They can be purchased with or without flanged edges.