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Base-ix Rack

Most of the time when Nicole approaches my painting area she mentions what she recognizes as a disheveled environment, to use her kindest parlance.  My usual defence of organized chaos and other weak objections have begun to hold less water as the time spent searching for particular paints has increased.  In the past, when I had looked at paint rack and organizers it was difficult to know the good from the not so good; for every positive comment there seemed to be a matching negative.  Not to mention my attempts at DIY usually end badly.  At the end of the day, I figured the money I'd spend on organizing could be better spent on miniatures, terrain, etc.

To my surprise, one of my father's day gifts this year was the "Rack Pack" with my choice of a couple extras from Back 2 Base-ix.  My wife had noticed this as one of the solutions I'd been eyeballing and with my procrastination swept aside the deed was done and the item ordered.

When considering organizers in the…