Ferguson's Rifles

When deciding how I was going to model this unit for Brandywine I found this thread at TMP. Following the advice there I proceeded to purchase and paint these figures by Foundry.

They were extremely quick and easy to paint due to their light kit. I used the Foundry Forest Green triad for their jackets and a buff/canvas mix for the trousers, finished with a thinned highlight of Reaper's Buckskin Pale to give it the look I was after. My attempt at painting the flesh featured minor adjustments to my technique and I find myself still wanting to find the look I want.

I'm attempting to take more close-up pictures, but am still working out some lighting techniques.

6 Figures, Foundry Miniatures, Litko Bases


  1. That last picture shows a real nice paintjob.

  2. They look really nice and I too like that shade of Foundry green.


  3. Fantastic! Funnily enough, in the last Foundry sale I bought a pack of these figures to paint as Ferguson's or some other loyalist unit. These will be very useful for southern campaigns, or even Toruies in Saratoga battles. Excellent painting, IG.

    Best wishes