Hessian Artillery

Back into my AWI work, I've finished the Hessian artillery. These were done with the standard Hessian palettes I've used before along with my first attempt at the proper "straw" color for the small clothes and pants. I hope I came close to the proper hue. The artillery bronze barrels are done using Foundry's bronze and the gun carriages are in the hussar sky blue. I preferred this over the regular sky blue as its a bit more muted.

They are based with three figures rather than four per British Grenadier's recommendation for lighter artillery. I'm not sure why I collected 4 models. The scenarios I have, at most, call for 2 models. I may try and sell the other two to finance some more ECW or start a Sharp Practice project. (that would make the wife happy)

I apologize for the photos as my camera is giving me problems. I fear I will need to make a replacement purchase soon as its not been working well with close-ups.


  1. That's some really, really nice work there.

    What colors are you using for the coats and breeches?

    Or am I being really, really dim because you've got the answer posted somewhere dreadfully obvious?

  2. Merc: I did forget to mention the paint colors. The blue is Foundry's Deep Blue A-C, the breeches are Buff Leather A-B, with a Reaper Buckskin Pale and Foundry Ochre mix thinned wash to give it a strawish color.

  3. They're really great, look fine to me.

  4. Super work! This army is coming together for you.