Hessian Artillery

Back into my AWI work, I've finished the Hessian artillery. These were done with the standard Hessian palettes I've used before along with my first attempt at the proper "straw" color for the small clothes and pants. I hope I came close to the proper hue. The artillery bronze barrels are done using Foundry's bronze and the gun carriages are in the hussar sky blue. I preferred this over the regular sky blue as its a bit more muted.

They are based with three figures rather than four per British Grenadier's recommendation for lighter artillery. I'm not sure why I collected 4 models. The scenarios I have, at most, call for 2 models. I may try and sell the other two to finance some more ECW or start a Sharp Practice project. (that would make the wife happy)

I apologize for the photos as my camera is giving me problems. I fear I will need to make a replacement purchase soon as its not been working well with close-ups.

Roman Commanders

Continuing towards completion of my 15mm FoG Mid. Rep. Romans, I've finished a variety of commanders. In general I've based these to represent; 1 IC (or C-in-C), 1FC, and 3 TC's. The figures are a mix of OG and Warmodelling 15's.

in order to make, at least, an attempt to do justice to the many wonderful 25mm mounted sculpts I have, I'm using 15mm mounted units and characters to test and try out different palettes of horse color.

6 Warmodelling figures, 3 Old Glory figures, Litko bases

Coming up shortly: Thracian Cavalry, Hessian Artillery and Hessians Hessians Hessians.

Roman Legion (2nd)

Wanting to finish my 15mm Mid. Republican Roman Army for FoG, I've finished a 2nd legion.

8 bases Velites
16 bases Hastatai/Princeps
4 bases Triari

It took me awhile to decide on what color scheme I wanted to use for these before I settled on a hue of red. As I have two other ancient armies that require the use of red, I attempted to differentiate by using a somewhat unique craft paint mixture. Another goal of these was to use a variety of colors for the hastatai tunics.

95 Old Glory figures, 1 Warmodelling figure, Litko Bases, LBM transfers

Disaster for the Continentals

I knew to expect little from most of my militia in terms of morale, but according to two packs I purchased from Foundry, there appears more to be concerned about.

Ferguson's Rifles

When deciding how I was going to model this unit for Brandywine I found this thread at TMP. Following the advice there I proceeded to purchase and paint these figures by Foundry.

They were extremely quick and easy to paint due to their light kit. I used the Foundry Forest Green triad for their jackets and a buff/canvas mix for the trousers, finished with a thinned highlight of Reaper's Buckskin Pale to give it the look I was after. My attempt at painting the flesh featured minor adjustments to my technique and I find myself still wanting to find the look I want.

I'm attempting to take more close-up pictures, but am still working out some lighting techniques.

6 Figures, Foundry Miniatures, Litko Bases

von Donop Regiment

I purchased the figures for this regiment a couple of years ago after being inspired by Mr. Allison over at his blog TQ with the goal of immediately painting and growing my own collection. A few football and basketball seasons later I've finally become serious about putting paint to figures and started in earnest on my AWI collection.

These figures are the first 25/28mm figures I've painted in nearly 15 years, so I was a little intimidated. My goal with these was to at least achieve a basic minimum wargaming standard and with luck watch my painting improve as I paint more in this scale. I think I've come close to a basic "wargaming" quality with room for huge improvement all over as I move forward. My biggest struggle is currently in making the flesh the way I believe it should be and will try some slightly different tactics on the next regiment. One wholesale departure from my past painting color preferences came when researching the muskets of the era. When painting in 15mm before I would use a lighter wood color. I aimed for a much darker and reddish wood with these and so far I'm happy with the results.

The regiment is based for British Grenadier and as a large regiment of 30 I chose to base in sixes. I painted the grenadiers along side this regiment for use later in the grenadier battalion von Lengerke. The unit strengths are based on the BG scenario for Brandywine.

Figures 36, Perry Miniatures, GMB Flags, Litko Bases

...and my youngest boy eating his birthday cake!

Retailer Praise

Over the past seven months my faith in this industry's customer service has been nothing but reinforced. During this time I've ordered considerably from both sides of the Atlantic and across the Pacific from Australia and have had nothing but positive experiences. My praise does not only pertain to when transactions are completed smoothly, but also when adversity raises its head. Whether an item had been mis-packed, by honest error, or lost in transit (remember the UK snow storm and the tightened security on incoming packages here in the U.S.) things were always made right by the seller. I've never come out behind in a transaction, but on the contrary have come out ahead in these situations. Also I have not always been the easiest customer to deal with. During periods when I was recovering from oral surgeries and trying to make phone orders, staff were always patient and considerate. So here is my chance in my small little corner of cyberspace to thank the following retailers:

The War Store
Triangle Miniatures
On Military Matters
Caliver Books
Old Glory 15s
Perry Miniatures
Foundry Miniatures
Brookhurst Hobbies
Eureka USA
The Terrain Guy
Grand Manner
Little Big Men Studios
Games Workshop
War Web
Front Rank I swear these people have a trans-atlantic pneumatic tube for overseas shipping. Its always been incredibly fast.

And there are probably others I'm forgetting.