Wilhelm von Knyphausen

As my work on other units continues I decided to slip in the completion of the Knyphausen figure by Perry. Its obviously not my best work, but will do just fine on the games' table.

As the base size for Knyphausen, per the Brandywine scenario, was going to be much larger than the ones I had used previously for commanders, I needed a simple idea to fill some space. I'm not ready talent-wise to do a fancy little vignette, but I wanted to do something that was perhaps new for me and that I could use later. Looking around the scrap pile I found a Hessian officer I wasn't going to use and glancing over at the terrain area I noticed some supplies for creating water effects...why not. The final idea was to create a small often-wet/muddy/marsh area which may be encountered almost anywhere. Utilizing some greenstuff I created the edges of the water area and painted the inside using some dark greenish-brown paint before proceeding to use my normal basing up technique using wood glue etc. The final step, of course, was adding the water mixture. Although needing some further refinement I think it turned out acceptable and will no doubt come into use again somewhere else.