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Plans for 2011

As the painting continues on a number of projects I am prevented from posting more photos for a couple reasons.

First, a few projects are awaiting one or two paints that have been lost in the mail for over a month. Rather than temporarily mix a replacement, I'll wait for the replacement package to arrive. These are colors that are going to be used throughout a few forces so want to maintain consistency.

Second, I need a new camera. I've been looking around for an inexpensive camera with a good macro setting and macro focal point. I think I have found a suitable candidate in a Sony Cybershot.

Unable to post any new pictures for a few days I'd thought I'd release my list of wargaming goals for 2011.

1. Paint a considerable portion of my 25mm AWI collection.
2. Finish painting 3 out 4 current FoG armies. (Mid. Rep. Roman, Later Mac., Spartan, Classical Indian)
3. Complete collecting 15mm Napoleonics and 25mm ECW for next year's projects.
4. Paint some more ACW units.
5. Dabb…