Anglo-Saxon Levy Archers

These figures were recently painted to be part of Nicole's Anglo-Saxon force for Saga. When assembling the figures, all but one of the original bows broke in half. I wasn't sure if I had just been on the receiving end of a bad batch or if this is common place so I just engineered my own by using left overs from trimmed 80mm pikes. Since these will be high traffic playing pieces, I figured it wasn't a bad idea and they turned out looking ok.

The blog entry over on "1000 Foot General" in regards to Dark Age Color Palettes was the jumping off point for the overall color scheme. I avoided adding anything fancy or even simple embroidery as to play up their role as "levies" in the game mechanics. In the end, I used a Mig Productions filter for the first time and although the results were subtle, I do think it made a difference in tying the figures together. The bases are Litko with magnetic bottoms.

The building is a simple 4Ground building as yet untouched past assembly.

12 Gripping Beast Figures, Litko Bases


  1. I like them! Very very nice!

  2. Nice work on the levy.
    The link to "1000 Foot General" is invaluable, although I'm conflicted on the common use of grey/tan/brown. It might be historically accurate, but it makes for an uninspiring display on the table top.

  3. Fantastic, love their determined faces!

  4. Iowa, lovely painting and color selection! I too make my levy "boring," leaving it to the warriors and hearthguard to bring the color. I'm curious to hear how this faction plays as I haven't seen this faction in action yet.

  5. Nice figures with a lot of character. Keep up the good work.I will follow you. :)