Japanese Flags

Every Memorial Day I take out an old ammo box and other items my uncle gave me years before he passed. The ammo box is full of items from his service in the Pacific during ww2 and the other items include his uniforms, half a dozen Japenese flags and a Japanese rifle. He was awarded the purple heart for being wounded in the Phillipinnes. He didn't tell many stories about his time in the war, as most ww2 veterans I've known. Those things he did tell me when we were alone working or fishing together were deeply personal and well remembered.

Every year I intend to find out, but have yet to, what these flags are or what they say. I've posted a couple in the odd chance somebody might know. Each flag has loops on one end. They are in a wide array of conditions, although near the same as the day I first saw them.


  1. No idea mate but interested to know.

  2. A few fellows on TMP had an answer for me. They are personal good luck flags. better description here

  3. The Japanese name for them is "hinomaru yosegaki".

  4. If there are names on the flags (my wife - who's Japanese - thought there could be), by going through the appropriate channels it might be possible to trace the units and perhaps still find living relatives of the (presumably) deceased. It depends how deep you want to go :)


  5. Weren´t these the flags that wives and girlfriends used to sow for thier husbands etc and they were worn around the stomach??
    Great collection.
    I´ve got a lot of time for the generation that lived through that conflict...the stories are always interesting and sometimes pretty amazing.