Major General Stirn

I recently completed my first AWI personality figure with this sculpt by Perry. Stirn is part of their pack of Hessian Mounted Generals AW099.

I had two goals in mind when I started. First, don't mess up the horse! Second, I wanted to try a new flesh combination.

After testing a first round of color triads on the Thracian Cavalry I came away with one in particular that I thought had potential and that was Foundry's Bay colors. The biggest problem is that I dislike the Bay Brown C. The hue is too pink in my opinion and unfamiliar to my experiences with horses. It comes across a little too pink and most bays reflect a golden brown or reddish brown sheen. I took a stab in the dark and mixed Bay Brown C with Deep Brown Leather B. Luckily it seems to have turned out for the better. When it came to the horse's eyes I tried a dot of white behind the eye as the horse is looking forward.

When it came to the flesh I discarded the Foundry triad in favor of Dusky Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh from GW, along with Foundry Flesh C. I really like how it turned out, but I need more practice with it. I can easily see me using this in the future. I'll probably wait until I finish the Hessians to make the switch.