One goal almost complete

The purchasing of my ECW project for next year is almost complete. Building forces built around FoG:R lists to start and then maybe branching out into other rules. So far I have enough lead and plastic for about 900-1000pts for Royalist and Parliamentarian forces. Most of the minis will be Warlord with some Bicorne personalities and a few Perry/Tag rank and file. The only thing left here is the Montrose Scots, which will be mostly Eureka/Perry.


  1. A little bit of painting to do there!

  2. What part of Iowa are you in? I don't know of any FoG groups in the Des Moines area...

  3. Dugroz, I'm way up in the northern part. The closest FoG group to here is up in Minneapolis. The closest gaming group at all is actually up in Minneapolis.


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