Random Workbench

   After a catastrophe that saw the disappearance of all photos taken over the last few years, vacations and family photos included, I was looking to see what I could find.  While mucking around in different albums and such I noticed a few pieces I never posted on the blog.  These are just a few items some of you haven't seen, but have been on the workbench over the last few years.

Finding My Brush - Turkish Pirate

     After a long lay off from painting, about 6 months, I've again picked up the brush.  The painting desk has been dusted, paints organized, brushes cleaned.  The only thing to do now is see if I can't get my eye and brush to coordinate.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of last week I picked a few pieces and started applying some pigment.  First victim was the "Turkish Pirate First Mate" by Eureka Miniatures.  He's shown below at a couple different stages and then completion.


All things considered, I'm fairly pleased with the final product.  Its the first middle eastern flesh tone I've attempted in awhile so there is a satisfaction that this aspect went well.  The only problem left is the basing.  I'm not sure how I want to base him and for which game.  I may use him in Darkest Africa games or perhaps as an actual pirate...in which case I need to acquire more pirates!