Random Workbench

   After a catastrophe that saw the disappearance of all photos taken over the last few years, vacations and family photos included, I was looking to see what I could find.  While mucking around in different albums and such I noticed a few pieces I never posted on the blog.  These are just a few items some of you haven't seen, but have been on the workbench over the last few years.


  1. Jeff! Love your painting and the new blog format, hate the part about losing your pics. I seem to remember you were clearing out a lot of figures in the last year. I hope all is well and you're busy with the brush. I'd love to hear what periods you're painting and playing.

    1. Thanks Monty! I'm not playing much at the moment, but I'm collecting towards SAGA, FG, SP2, as well as some big battalion games. A bunch of terrain boards I had made, which never made it on the blog, were destroyed while in storage, along with a number of other items such as my SAGA books etc. I cleaned out a bunch of the lead mountain for a bit of a reset and I'm hoping to keep the "to do" pile closer to the "done" pile as I move forward. Thanks for checking in!