Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Anglo-Saxon Levy Archers

These figures were recently painted to be part of Nicole's Anglo-Saxon force for Saga. When assembling the figures, all but one of the original bows broke in half. I wasn't sure if I had just been on the receiving end of a bad batch or if this is common place so I just engineered my own by using left overs from trimmed 80mm pikes. Since these will be high traffic playing pieces, I figured it wasn't a bad idea and they turned out looking ok.

The blog entry over on "1000 Foot General" in regards to Dark Age Color Palettes was the jumping off point for the overall color scheme. I avoided adding anything fancy or even simple embroidery as to play up their role as "levies" in the game mechanics. In the end, I used a Mig Productions filter for the first time and although the results were subtle, I do think it made a difference in tying the figures together. The bases are Litko with magnetic bottoms.

The building is a simple 4Ground building as yet untouched past assembly.

12 Gripping Beast Figures, Litko Bases

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pvt George Ross (Revolutionary War Veteran)

During my recent visit to the Shiloh Battlefield and National Cemetery in Tennessee, I was surprised to find a single grave belonging to a Revolutionary War Veteran, Pvt George Ross. Using "Find a Grave" and various other websites I was able to glean some basic information including the following entry:

"This deponent is now nearly 78 years old. Sworn to before me March 7, 1833.S/ James Martin, M his mark S/ J. M. Ross, Q U State of Tennessee, Hardin County Personally appeared before me, the undersigned a Justice of the peace in Hardin County George Ross who being duly sworn, deposes and saith, that by reason of old age & the consequent loss of memory, he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service, but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than three months in the foot as a private & after that he served not less than 12 months as a private in the horse service up to the year 1782 and for such services he claims a pension. He further states that by reason of old age & the consequent loss of memory, at the time of being Examined in the circuit court of Hardin County before the circuit Judge of said County on the 14th day of November 1832, he could not recollect the different captains' companies he served under in the revolutionary war, but since that time recollects that he served three months as a private in militia foot companies in Captain Millar's company in Colonel William Bratton's Regiment was called out regularly sometime in the month of February 1780 & returned home sometime in the month of May 1780 & recollects being called out again (to the best of his recollection) in the month of October 1780 in the Horse service as a private in Colonel William Bratton's Regiment in the company commanded by James Martin in the State of South Carolina who will Testify of his services in the Army & who he have since found out is still alive & that he served in said Company not less than eight months & then returned home & after sitting [?] five or six weeks we joined the said Regiment (in the said Martin's company) the Regiment then under the command of General Greene at Russell's ferry on the Congaree River & marched to attack the British at Orangeburg & also recollects being one of a party who was sent under the command of Colonel Hampton & defeated a party of the British at the quarter house &after that Service two tours more in said James Martin's company of two months each tour in the year 1782 in which time they were employed as scouting & foraging parties, under the direction of General Henderson, intercepting scouting & foraging parties of the British &c further saith that when he was not immediately in the Army he was continually in readiness to march against the British or Tories."

Birth: 16 Jul 1760 in South Branch, Potomac River, Virginia, USA
Death: 21 Aug 1846 in Olive Hill, Hardin, Tennessee, USA

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rall Regiment

After a long time on the painting table, years in fact, I've finally put the last touches on the Rall Regiment. My plans for these figures are to represent the Trenton survivors for the Battle of Brandywine. Probably not my best paint job ever, but its not the worst either.

24 Figures, Perry Miniatures, Litko Bases, GMB Flags