Leib / du Corps Regiment

My latest finished project is the Leib Regiment of Hessians based upon the OOB for Brandywine. The biggest challenge for me was, in a word, yellow. I have never painted much yellow other than the odd highlight. Here I needed to do small clothes and facings in this color. I ended up choosing to do these in different shades. I used Foundry's Ochre triad for the small clothes and Foundry's yellow triad for the facings/cuffs. Although it felt like a risk, I think it turned out well. The other challenge was with the musician. According to the information on Tim Reese's digital illustration CD, the musician wore rose or a faded red facing and cuff. My hope was that they wouldn't turn out too pink in color as I used the A+B from the Wine Stain Red triad. I also completed the Grenadiers for this regiment as I'll be using them in the grenadier battalion von Linsing.

Despite Murphy's law of painting time having descended upon me, things seem to have gotten back to normal.

Figures 28, Perry Miniatures, GMB Flags, Litko Bases


  1. I'm sorry but they are beautiful, I keep using the word but they are.

  2. Great work, excellent painting.

  3. Congratulations!
    This unit (and also the rest of your blog) looks very good - it just looks fantastic.

  4. Agree with the comments above. Excellent unit and the yellow turned out very nice

  5. Wow, great work. This is art at its finest. Even if it's not art.