Retailer Praise

Over the past seven months my faith in this industry's customer service has been nothing but reinforced. During this time I've ordered considerably from both sides of the Atlantic and across the Pacific from Australia and have had nothing but positive experiences. My praise does not only pertain to when transactions are completed smoothly, but also when adversity raises its head. Whether an item had been mis-packed, by honest error, or lost in transit (remember the UK snow storm and the tightened security on incoming packages here in the U.S.) things were always made right by the seller. I've never come out behind in a transaction, but on the contrary have come out ahead in these situations. Also I have not always been the easiest customer to deal with. During periods when I was recovering from oral surgeries and trying to make phone orders, staff were always patient and considerate. So here is my chance in my small little corner of cyberspace to thank the following retailers:

The War Store
Triangle Miniatures
On Military Matters
Caliver Books
Old Glory 15s
Perry Miniatures
Foundry Miniatures
Brookhurst Hobbies
Eureka USA
The Terrain Guy
Grand Manner
Little Big Men Studios
Games Workshop
War Web
Front Rank I swear these people have a trans-atlantic pneumatic tube for overseas shipping. Its always been incredibly fast.

And there are probably others I'm forgetting.

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