Roman Legion (2nd)

Wanting to finish my 15mm Mid. Republican Roman Army for FoG, I've finished a 2nd legion.

8 bases Velites
16 bases Hastatai/Princeps
4 bases Triari

It took me awhile to decide on what color scheme I wanted to use for these before I settled on a hue of red. As I have two other ancient armies that require the use of red, I attempted to differentiate by using a somewhat unique craft paint mixture. Another goal of these was to use a variety of colors for the hastatai tunics.

95 Old Glory figures, 1 Warmodelling figure, Litko Bases, LBM transfers


  1. Very nicely done! I have a lot of OG15s, but didn't recognise the 'Old Glory' look at all at first. Great job. I particularly like how you've done the triarii - did you replace the spears?

  2. Very nice and suitably menacing. How long did this lot take you to finish?

  3. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Prufrock: Yes, I replaced the spears that came with the pack with some from Xyston.

    Caliban: Well I had actually done the metallic bits while working on Von Donop, but after that I'd say a couple afternoons.

  4. They're bloody well painted 15mm figures my friend.