Basing Revisited

When contemplating on how I was going to produce base cover and effects for my FoG armies, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a great technique illustrated by Scott MacPhee. Making a visit to the necessary establishments I gathered the supplies needed.

  • Fine Brown Ballast
  • Elmers Glue All
  • Elmers Wood Glue

The items already on hand were the nutmeg brown paint, base sand paint from Foundry, static grass, blended turf and varying sizes of stone ballast.

My only deviations from Scott's process was in style. I used different shades for the base and highlight as well as using both the static grass and blended turf flock. Not great leaps of any sort, just a matter of taste.

The one addition I made was the placing of large stones in the wood glue along with the miniatures to cure. This was done to create the visual of stones emerging from the earth and not merely sitting on top of it.

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