15mm Numidian Review (pt 1)

Filling the time when my wife and kids are gone is usually an easy thing to do in this hobby. However, tonight I had paint and primer to watch dry and nothing in the ready stage to paint or put on the blog. My Cretan archers are watching their bases dry and the Roman command is freshly primed. Naturally its time for a completely unscientific, unbiased, and uncomplete...err incomplete (I was on a roll) review of two 15mm ranges of Numidian light horse.

Since I'm about to prime figures from Corvus Belli and WarModelling as possible allied additions to my MRRs they drew the wonka ticket in the comparison lottery. I'm not comparing these in hopes of a "these are better" result, but rather to serve as an information review for those of you looking for a particular look and have questions. I will be producing this without regards to any particular sequence or any real standard. (Note: The figures provided in this review from CB are from Pack 1 of the numidian light horse as by the time the wife approves my monthly allowance, everyplace is out of Pack 2. Things look promising at the Warstore and I hope luck holds till mid January.)

The first thing I always notice about miniatures is that which I have to tackle first and that's flash. In both cases, wow, holy flash. Either I've wronged the flash fates or flash has gotten worse over the last decade. Mold lines and flash were abundant in both cases. The mold lines on the CB's hair was a trick as filing it down interrupted the waves in the hair and took some exacto remodelling to get back.

Once I got the flash situation dealt with and the figures scrubbed I was ready to go ahead and take the size/proportion comparison photos which comprise the bulk of this review. The CB horses and riders are separate as are the shields. The WM figures have 2 molded together and 2 separate while in both cases shields are cast on the figures.

CB Horses

CB Riders

WM Horses

WM Riders

Horses Front and Aerial

As far as size goes you can see that the WM horses and riders are slightly taller than the CB counterparts. However CB produces a much more robust horse which is something I particularly like. At this point both lines have their merits and it will be a question of personal taste for each gamer deciding. For me the WM horse necks seem a bit long and out of place, but I've heard arguments to the contrary. I'm anxious for these to join the painting cue. When they get onto the painting table I'll continue the review of them as painting subjects. A preliminary look would make me believe different painting styles could benefit these minis uniquely as the WM at first glance make me think they could be a great speed painting subject.

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