I picked up a couple packages of Artizan's Pinkertons from Brigade Games last month as they looked both fun to paint and they looked ideal for some much needed shading/highlighting practice via their overcoats. They also allowed me some experimentation with colors for said overcoats. Not to mention one of the hats was painted using the Foundry Middle Eastern Flesh triad.
  • 1 & 4 - Both of these were painted using the Andrea Color black set. A full 6 shades, happy with the result for the most part, but could have probably cut out a step or two and had similar results...especially when working toward a wargaming standard paintjob.
  • 2 - This one was painted using the Andrea Color white set while leaving out the final (whitest) color highlight.
  • 3 - This is where things get a little...different. I started with GW Steel Legion Drab and then washed with Devlan Mud. The first highlight was a mix of GW Steel Legion and Tallarn Sand. Another highlight was a mix of GW Tallarn Sand and Vallejo Model Color Khaki. with the final highlights being a very thinned VMC khaki
  • 5 - Here I begin with a base of Americana craft paint color "Fawn" and then applied a thinned wash of Army Painter Soft Tone Ink. I painted up the highlights beginning again with Fawn then working with a mix of Fawn and Reaper Stained Ivory, I worked the mixed from 3:1 to 1:1 to 1:3 for the remaining highlights.
  • 6 - GW's Baneblade Brown laid the base for this final attempt. I also used a wash of Army Painter Soft Tone Ink on this one. The first highlights where made from mixing GW Baneblade Brown and Foundry Rawhide 11B. The final highlights were of Baneblade and Foundry Rawhide 11B and 11C.
When basing them I didn't want to go the usual dusty Tombstone like setting fitting for anything from the Southern Plains, Southwest or Northern Badlands areas. I wanted to go a more muddy route for all those mountain or Black Hills mining towns. The bases themselves for GF9 magnetic. I'm not sure if I like these as much as Litko as there is a lot of clean up and there is still is a distinctive seam on the side. The figures themselves were very nice to work with and I hope that my attempts didn't make a sow's ear out of a silk purse...


Not sure when I will be gaming the old west so I'm not sure if I'll keep these or put them up for sale in hopes of recouping enough to buy a pack of gladiators or maybe ww1 U.S. Marines.