Hessian Jagers

These figures, along with Rall's Grenadiers, were started a long time ago, but have been sitting idle for some time. Making a concentrated effort to clear stuff from my painting desk I finished these Jagers today. Borrowing the basic palettes from those done on Tarleton's Quarter, I gave these a basic paint job. After such a long lay off I hope to improve quickly as I have many more AWI figures to complete along with a number of figures from other periods in which I'm dabbling.

As seen with these figures, I'm basing my skirmishers on individual 25mm x 25mm bases by Litko. Starting with .8mm plywood bases I then back them with the same size heavy duty magnetic pieces, also by Litko. I think the resulting thickness is sufficient without being obnoxious. Basing my skirmish infantry individually gives me the flexibility to play a number of skirmish games yet easily conform to the basing standards of British Grenadier. The magnetic bottoms are nice for storage and transport.

14 Perry Miniatures, Barn by Architects of War