American Skirmishers (1)

This could easily be entitled "Speed Painted Skirmishers". This somewhat eclectic group of militia/skirmisher types were painted over a couple days this week in an effort to clear the painting table. I could of spent more time on the details, but these are only the first group of this type that I'll do and the next batch will be better attended. That being said, I'm continuing to have difficulties with consistent lighting and photography and as a result I'm disappointed with how these figures appear. For being a speed paintjob, they are actually better looking in person and if you've followed my painting at all you know its rare for me to pay my figures/victims many compliments. If I get things figured out I may replace with new photos.

Once again I based them individually with magnetic bottoms so they'll work for my preferred skirmish trifecta; British Grenadier skirmishers, Muskets and Tomahawks, and TFL's Sharpe Practice AWI. One nice thing about basing them individually and magnetic for British Grenadier is that when it comes to mounting them as 2's or 3's I can mix and match to either make them look more militia like or more like seasoned riflemen, etc.



  1. They look wonderful and not at all speed painted!! The photography is also quite good! I think your beating yourself up needlessly.;-)


  2. I second Christoper! These all look the business and are great up on your blog and in person to I'm sure. The lack of sun and vitamin D can pull down a guy's outlook. Trust me! ;-)