From 2012 to '11

As 2011 closed with a flurry of non-wargaming activity and I've not had much opportunity to add on the blog. Most of my painting since October has been for other people and a unit or two I painted to sell on ebay, but I should have some of my own pieces to post shortly. My time at the painting desk has greatly increased and looks to be steady on in the near future.

The biggest development has been the arrival of Contessa Rin, born in December. The picture is roughly 20 minutes after she arrived. At that point, she looked like a set of lips and some hair, but luckily we found the rest of her.

I'm trying to convince the wife that 5 is enough, but time will tell...


  1. Congratulations!

    Um...five?!!!! Holy crapola Batman! That SHOULD be enough!


  2. Congratulations Iowa!

    Looks like you have your own in house gaming club!

  3. Congrats!!! She's a beauty!!! I've got 4....all girls...nuff said!!

  4. Congratulations! Three has been enough for us, so far...

  5. A glutton for punishment sir.....5!, good to have you back.