F&D Continental Mounted Officers

Saturday Morning found me progressing through a number of large units and looking for a minor distraction. Although there were a number of candidates, I decided on these two Continental Officers I had ordered from Jim over at Fife and Drum.

My goal with these was simply speed. I wanted to see how quickly I could paint these while keeping them eligible for most game tables. First of all, the castings are full of detail and very clean/crisp to work with. The thinner and more proportional size created an unexpected challenge as it was a break from what I've been familiar with. I didn't think that something as simple as this would provide a challenge, but it did.

I believe the end result was satisfactory, finished in a morning's painting alongside other figures. They probably do look a bit "rushed" in places, but after all...they were.


  1. Nice crisp detail work. I particularly like the 'serious' expressions on the faces.

  2. Wow!! Beautiful painting. I really like these.

  3. Very nice. Makes we want to paint mine!

  4. Very nice! With the Mindens and the F&D figures, it seems to take a half dozen figures or so to get used to painting this style of figure. I find then that the light turns on and they seem to pour out of my brushes


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