American 12pd Artillery

After a long time on the edges of the painting desk I finally put the finishes on these guys. I used Eureka's Molly Pitcher Crew along with two Front Rank 12pd guns.

I'm always trying to do things that are new to me when painting. With these I wanted to experiment with 3 different shades of white on the same figure to perhaps represent different weaves, cuts, or fits. I believed the shirts to be a loose fit so I chose to paint them the most white. The waistcoat I saw as a slightly more refined garment, so I used the menolith white to give it a slight sheen. The pants I imagined to be the tightest fitting clothing and as always when a person is working, they are the first to get scuffed, scraped or dirty. I decided on a slightly more gray shade to reflect that condition.

I'm unsure of the results, but these guys were, for me, an experiment in this direction.


  1. Great painting especially the faces and as you said the shading.....

  2. A marvelous effort! Some thirty years ago, a gentleman who was an artist commented that when painting Austrians he used several different shades of white. No two materials will present the same shades of white in exactly the same way. You have definitely succeeded in getting a professional look to your figures.

  3. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of those monsters! Very nicely done!


  4. Lovely work! Your three shades of white is not just a good idea - it looks great, too.

  5. Great looking figs and guns!

  6. I really like these artillery vignettes. The Eureka figures are very nice too. Your new painting technique seems to be working just fine.