OPP - Big Game Hunters

OPP = Other People's Painting

     Last year I began collecting figures for games set in Africa. These figures by Copplestone had caught my eye long ago and I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd purchase them. At around the same time I was seeing some work done by forum mate "Timmo" and knew if opportunity presented itself I'd like to commission some figures to be done by him. After talking for a bit, I remembered these hunters and within a couple messages the painting had been arranged. I waited with much anticipation and it wasn't long before he was finished with these incredible pieces. My camera does not do them justice. Its a rare thing for me to have figures painted by somebody else, but I'm glad I did and I couldn't be happier.

     Basing was done by me and is not yet finished as I've yet to decide on what ground cover I want to include. It could take some time and I'd appreciate any suggestions. In the meantime I'll peruse the Lead Adventure Forum for inspiration.


  1. Great looking figures, nice poses...

  2. Very nice; it's a treat to have already painted figures arrive, especially ones as nice as those! I like your bases already, actually, but I tend to go for understated basing myself, so maybe I have an unconscious bias...


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