WIP Von Donop

     After the move and the organized chaos which is Christmas, work has finally begun again on my AWI's. I'm starting with the 30 figure regiment of Von Donop's Hessians as prescribed in the BG Scenario for Brandywine. Along with the 30 musketeer regiment I'm doing a set of 6 Von Donop Grenadiers for use in a combined grenadier battalion. I chose a large regiment like this to get myself trained back into painting after such a long layoff as well as the desire for a large enough unit to help smooth out any rough edges working with 25mm for the first time in years. Its already proving a challenge as I attempt the eyeballs and other greater spots of detail.

     Also on the painting table are some more 15mm Rep. Romans for fog as well as Ancient Spanish Cav., Numidians, and some successor cav. Another project is the finishing off of my "War Room" as moving back to our larger home allows great space and opportunity to design it as I choose, with only suggestions from the wife. However at present my attention is focused on getting my brush wet in AWI.

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