The last couple weeks have been extremely busy at work so my postings have not kept up with the painting table. I will hopefully catch up soon.


  1. Unacceptable. We don't want excuses, just results.

    - Jawjatek

  2. Was looking forward to marking my progress in miniature painting 101 with your's in miniature painting 410, the senior year seminar.

    I'm into my 3rd Federal Brigade. The Old Glory Brigade following the 2nd Stone Mountain Brigade.

    Look forward to your picking up the thread. One question I had was why you left the muscian off the Confederate commands stands and not the Iron Brigade regiment ?


  3. James,
    The reason was mostly due to taste. I don't really like to include musicians at all in my Civil War regiments. They were normally in their own little detachment marching to the front, rear, or side of a formation. So as you saw with the IG I just put one in for the heck of it really. Another reason I don't put them in is that its another specific figure I have to purchase and make allotment for when building regiments.

    Of course this is all highly due to taste and never fault anyone for doing different.

  4. I.G.,
    I also decided to drop drummers from my regiments for many of the same reasons. Basically, since I'm basing for JRiii I think replacing unarmed drummers with a rifle wielding mini enhances the look of troop density and uniformity in the regiment.

    Do you plan on using charging Old Glory for all of your Confederates ? And do you plan on using the same finish coat painting scheme for the next Confederate brigade(s) ?

  5. Apologies. The previous post was from me.



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