24th Michigan

These figures represent my first paint job of union troops since I started gaming again. They are also from the lot purchased from Mark aka Extra Crispy at Scale Creep with state colors being carried by an AB figure. I have no reservations about recommending these miniatures to anybody. They prime and paint clean with room to play as far as how much detail you want to abstract (a common practice for me in 15mm). These particular figs were primed black and painted with craft, vallejo paints, and GW paint. This unit allowed me to find my stride as far as Union colors go. I've always been put off by most of my attempts to paint Union troops; the coats are never dark enough and the pants are always too light and blue. With these I'm very happy, the legs are a basecoat of Folk Art's Sterling Blue with a wash of Wrought Iron (has a greenish hue when thinned). I then highlighted by mixing the Sterling Blue and Vallejo's Light Sea Grey. The coats are based in Folk Art's Midnight Blue with a black wash then highlighted again with shades of the base coat.

I made the fence from square toothpicks with the ends cut off after which they were dipped in a random wood stain I found in the house.

Rather pleased with the effect produced by the cannonball hole in the US Flag.


  1. I had a similar problem while painting Union troops. You want a blue trouser that is distinctly lighter than the coat and cap, but not sky blue. You also want a Union blue for the coat and cap that isn't too dark and thirdly, you want the two to coordinate.
    I've found GW Regal Blue to be great for Union coat and cap. It is a rich blue, but not too dark. It has also allowed me to paint GW Dark Flesh (brown)on the shoulder straps that are distinctly visible. As for the trousers, I took GW Ultramarine Blue and added a few dollops of their standard white (Skull). That created the deep, but still distinctly lighter blue I was looking for to contrast with the Regal Blue. I think Vallejo makes a similar color called Deep Sky Blue. These basic colors worked for my standard Minifigs that don't have a lot of detail. For my Old Glory's I simply extrapolated out a bit and made sure every added detail such as a third shoulder strap or bedroll was painted with a color that coordinated with the two original base colors. For example, I used GW Codex Grey on one shoulder strap and an attached canteen on an Old Glory fig. while the other straps (on the same fig) remained GW Dark Flesh. I like the effect, so far. Looks like I'll be able to unify the Federal units even though they vary in manufacturer and style.

  2. Interesting blog - you certainly do have a wide range of wargaming interests! :-) And thanks for the mention of my SYW Templates blog.