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Moving, Remodeling, and Fusiliers

After our 2 year expedition into Minnesota, I've moved my family back to our larger home in Iowa. As unpacking continues there are a few remodelling tasks at hand, but the one I'm focused on the most is of course, my wargames room. I should be up and running again by the end of next week.

Whenever I have extended periods of downtime I tend to buy lots of lead, and this time around is no different. I've bought a few more ancients to take on, but most of all I've refocused efforts on my AWI project. I have nearly all the figures purchased for Brandywine and am making a few purchases for a southern conflict, maybe something with French. Other periods I've recently purchased into or will shortly, 1809 French/Bavarian/Austrian, Sudan (can't decide between 25/15mm), more ACW, and want to get into either the TYW or ECW. I've had an interest in the ECW ever since I got my hands on an early copy of Miniature Wargames featuring an article about Montrose's campaig…