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Last Things Last

Having finished off a number of the miniatures that I've had hibernating on nails over the winter I came to a stark realization. Basing by my old methods would be a money saving luxury I could no longer afford. Last week I put the chisel, hammer, and Popsicle sticks away I visited Litko. Today my order arrived and I must admit that I am now solidly a convert. Having used metal in the distant past and more recently tried the ultra cheap "do it yourself" method I now believe I'll be a long time customer of theirs. As I'm doing my ACW project in strict JR3 basing interpretation, I needed a number of sizes. Litko definitely delivered on this. As I was already placing an order, I stocked up on the bases I will need for my ancients in the near future, which they stock as standard sizes. The only thing I forgot to do was order up my BG bases for AWI, but I'll grab those next time. After all...I still need to locate and order my GMB flags for that project.

Imminent Return

The return of regular postings here draws closer as the basketball season winds down. For those of you who don't know me well I'm a youth counselor at a JDC. I'm the head coach for the varsity basketball and football teams that are a part of the facility's high school athletics program. We went 15-2 this season and our last game is this next week. Most of our starters won't be around for sectional playoffs so we won't be competing in them this year. I've been told there is a movie out that pretty much explains what I do, its called "Gridiron Gang." I haven't watched it yet, but will endeavor to do so shortly. Expect a few posts in the next couple of weeks as I resume my ACW, ancients and AWI projects.